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Mad Ship

Very excited that Mad Ship has opened in Winnipeg for a short run. This feature, for which I did the music, directed by David Mortin, is a lovely film. I hope that it does well.

Something's Coming

Helped out Veronica Tennant with a bravo fact film of the West Side story tune with the dance. Lovely little film where I had to add some instruments, mix the band, do the sound design and add some foley. A little bit of everything.

The Sacrifice Zone

Just finished a workshop and public presentation of The Sacrifice Zone, it was great being there from the start and adding in some live music and sound. I ended up playing live, using junk yard metal for percussion, electric guitars of my own design and running Ableton live for live effects and sound effects

The Corpse Bride

Was fortunate to get a chance to remount this piece from Theatre Panik.
This take on the folk tale used 14 actors/dancers, live band and video to tell the story as if it were a live silent film. I had the pleasure of playing with Marilyn Lerner on accordion, Joe Phillips on bass and Jeff Wilson on drums. I wrote the music in 3 weeks originally and it was great to go back and try to add some detail to the music and story.


Home @ Soulpepper
very interesting and odd show, lots of subtle ambiences and a bit Partch’s adapted guitar are about all that can go in this piece


Working on Shaw’s Misalliance for the Shaw Festival.
Its been reset in the 1960’s, so I’ve been working on doing some very ’60’s sounding music.
quite fun, as is the show