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Electric Messiah

Had the chance to take part in Kyle Brenders Soundstream production of the Electric Messiah. Played Messiah on the electric guitar backing four excellent singers, with an improvising choir, eletroacoustic orchestra and a dj filling out the evening. Really lovely show.

Kudelka at Ryerson

Helped James Kudelka with sound design for his full length dance piece on the 60 dancers of the Ryerson dance programme. We used overhead mics, shotguns and a contact pickup under the dance floor to amplify the dancers and use the sound of the dancers as the score.


Premiered Hanna Kiel’s dance piece, Armband. A lovely and dark full length work.
Here’s one of the tracks, Epic.


Theatre Gargantua’s new work, lots of music and sound design.

Flux Deluxe

Peggy Baker’s Nuit Blanche project involved an app by Jacob Niedzwiecki to play instructions for movement on participants phones on headphones in sync with music playing through a sound system. Created a lovely feel of improvised mob working in sync with each other, and took a bit of programming and thinking to make it all work, as well as an hours worth of music.

Bed and Breakfast

Opened Marc Crawford’s excellent new play, Bed and Breakfast out at Thousand Island Playhouse, directed by Ashlie Corcoran. Nearly 200 cues of mimed foley and fun.


For Panamania, Veronica Tennant created a lovely piece with Guillermo Verdecchia about the cuban poet who wrote the poem, Niagara.
I played live for the show, running Qlab fx while playing classical guitar and percussion.

The Divine

At Shaw Festival, Michel Marc Bouchard’s beautiful new script required lots of gregorian type chanting, moody use of bells and a bit of a piano theme that all merged together.


For Ashlie Corcoran’s Smash Theatre, at Buddies again.
Lovely show with the fun of writing a couple of songs based on the lyrics in Julia Cho’s script for David Yee to sing and play guitar.

Tom at the Farm

Worked on an excellent version of Michel Marc Bouchard’s Tom at the Farm, directed by Eda Holmes at the ever fun Buddies in Bad Times.
I used 3 just intonation guitars to create a very moody and creepy score.

Dora Nomination for this show!

The Prince of Homburg

Just did a lovely version of this show up in Barrie, at Talk is Free Theatre.

new cd!

Check it out.
Microtonal guitars and instruments…..