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Life in Limbo - Julia Aplin

My partner created a lovely little piece for Porch View Dances' online series and I got to play some guitar and do a little sound design for the video.



there she was - Alison McKinney

I wrote some music for Alison McKinney's strong solo, there she was. This piece was presented as part of the Citadel + Compagnie's livestreaming series.

Covid Videos!

Created a few little videos to up my skills and try out a few things, they're all on the Covid videos page here. I'm not quitting my day job but its fun to branch out a bit.

ATG Bound

I mixed and edited a video for Against The Grain opera, mixing home recorded videos sonically and doing the video edit for the piece as well. Its a beautiful little excerpt of a lovely opera.

Everything stopped

Pandemic, eh? Everything stopped and we all stay and hope things come back.
Thanks to our government for taking care of us through this.


Well, that was close. We rehearsed, teched and previewed Room at the Grand Theatre in London, ON before it was supposed to head to Mirvish. Then the virus hit and we shut it down. A beautiful show that will hopefully live again one day.

Jesus Hopped the A Train - Soulpepper

I had the pleasure to work on this production under the direction of Weyni Mengesha, the play was set in a prison and we used contact pickups on the bars, live mics and reverb to make the space bigger on occasion and one of my large outdoor speakers as a functioning set piece. Great piece and team, with a lot of subtle sounds as well as so much banging on metal prison bars.

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