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Switched - Theatre Panik

Director Paul Lambert created an audio podcast version of Anna Chatterton's play, Switched. I worked to record, edit, mix and produce the podcast/show. Using binaural foley and effects the piece has a lovely, fun feel.

Have a listen!

Serving Elizabeth - Stratford Festival

Produced in a tent in the parking lot of the unused as yet, brand new, Tom Patterson theatre, Serving Elizabeth was a lovely experience. Under the direction of Kimberely Rampersad and composer Deb Sinha, we created a lovely show about colonialism and the Queen.

Onward Ho! - Julia Aplin

Wrote three songs for the dance piece and film for Dusk Dances. With Patrician O'Callaghan and Rick Hyslop on voice. Such a fun piece!

Sherlock Holmes and The Raven's Curse - Shaw

We somehow managed to get the second Sherlock Holmes show up and running at the Shaw Festival!
With director Craig Hall and a great design team we rehearsed mostly on zoom until we were allowed full rehearsals outside at the Shaw Festival. The show was presented inside, and we teched the show with a couple of hundred sound cues without seeing a full run. The show was great, it ran under half capacity to good audiences and we hit a window in the pandemic when this was possible.

Composer and sound designer