john gzowski

for film

Music composed for TV and film

Mad Ship/ David Mortin
mad ship homepage

Something’s Coming/ Veronica Tennant
Sound design, foley and filling out the piano trio band with guitars and instruments.

Goodnes/Gord Rand and Tara Hughes

Goodness in Rwanda - Teaser Reel from Tara Hughes on Vimeo.

Life and Times of Robert Lantos/ Peter Gentile
An da Shealladh/ Alison McApline/ BBC

Anniversary Present/ Ed Gass-Donnelly

Life and Times of Paul Gross/ Peter Gentile/ CBC
IMDB Shadow Pleasures/ Veronica Tennant/ Bravo, CBC
Subway Elvis/ Mick Gzowski/ CBC

Tell Me Everything/ Brian Johnson

Pony/ Ed Gass-Donelly/ Bravo
A Body of Art/ Morgan Gabareau, Bravo
Fidelio/ Alex Pugsley, CBC
Looking You In the Back of the Head/ Jennifer Baichwal, TVO
A Garden’s Family/ Genevieve Appleton, Vision TV
On Her Baldness/ Wendy Rowlands, NFB