john gzowski

for concert

Composition and concert music

The Machine Stops/ Citadel+ Compagnie - a full length chamber opera in workshop with production scheduled for 2022
Todi Tarana/Autorickshaw
Brasserie/ Canadian Brass
Taksim/Improvising World Ensemble - Halifax Jazz Festival

CatCh/ Madawask String Quartet
Koron/ Array Music

Just/Unjust/ Critical Band/ 43 Just Intonation
Which/ Evergreen Club Gamelan Ensemble/ 19 tone equal
Journal/Hemispheres/ 11 limit just and 24 tone equal
Over/Tone/ Critical Band/ Music Gallery/ 43 tone Just
145/ Critical Band/ 43 tone Just
5 Short Things/ Critical Band/ 31 tone Equal Temperament
Invention/ Critical Band/ Music Gallery/ 31 tone TET
Cracking Knuckles/ Critical Band/ Music Gallery/ 31 tone TET
Some Small Steps for Whomever/ Critical Band/ Music Gallery/ 31T ET
Four Variations/ Cat’s Cradle and Tape/ 31 TET

Tangle/ Hemisphere’s/ Music Gallery/ 19 TET
On the 19th/ mecca/ 19 TET
Odd Scale/ Space Trio/ East Coast tour/ 19T ET

Tvist/ Maza Meze