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If one word summed up the Dracula experience it would be 'epic'. Had a great time working on a wordy and thoughtful script by Liz Lochead, based on the book. Director Eda Holmes did a beautiful job and kept me busy. Wrote a song, some 'Bulgarianish' vocal music, lots and lots of music and the book for wireless mics for the run. I spent quite a bit of time in rehearsal with an electric guitar, making up music as the show was blocked, then took that home and orchestrated it for a low string quartet as well. Ended up recording 40 cues in one session with the string quartet, with a stack of charts about an inch thick.
Here's the big song, Tom O'Bedlam from the show, with me singing.

and another bit from the show here with
Brenna MacCrimmon on vox, Anna Redekop on viola, Sarah Fraser Raff on violin, Amber Ghent on cello, Fil Stasiak on bass and me on guitar.